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Clean & Simple

The way skincare should be.

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Ingredients you can pronounce for results that'll leave you speechless.

Know exactly what you are putting on your skin when you use our Hand & Body Creams. With natural emollients like Shea butter precisely blended with avocado, apricot, and coconut oils, our products pack in all the good stuff and leave out all the bad.

No. 4377 Hand & Body Cream
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Take Solace in Knowing

Every tin of Solace Body moisturizer is hand-blended by me (Amy) in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients: natural moisturizers that penetrate your skin and absorb completely to hydrate at a deeper level. And, of course, my products are never tested on animals. Because of our high-quality natural ingredients, these creams are an ideal conditioner for tattoos to keep them looking their best!

All natural
No animal testing
Hand made in small batches

Seasonal Featured Products

In addition to my standard scents, I like to experiment with new varieties that seem right for the season. If they're popular, they'll make it into my regular line up.

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A warm and cozy hug of fruit, flowers, spice and everything nice.

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Made with Peppermint essential oil. This hand a body cream smell like the holidays!

Backwoods Hike


A woodsy scent that blends fresh and spicy: elemi, coriander, ginger, black pepper, lavender, oak moss, cedar, patchouli, amber and clove.

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About Solace Body

I'm Amy. I started formulating body care products to use in my massage practice. As a massage therapist, I spend a lot of time in contact with clients' skin. I wanted products that were clean and natural, but would help keep skin supple (my clients and mine!) and protect against the assault of winter conditions here in the Pacific Northwest. Soon enough, my clients started asking if they could buy my products to take home with them. And that's why I started Solace Body.

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Leaves Skin Smoothed & Refreshed

Have loved Amy's products since my first massage with her! The formula is super smooth and refreshing. My favorite scent is definitely No. 4377 (Hers).

- Lizzy Millennar

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